Stay at home

March 23, 2020

Corona is currently in the headlines, but what can we learn from this pandemic that might help save the earth? How will we be living together after the Corona pandemic? The world cannot simply go back to the pre-Corona status, we should pause and slow down in general, as we are made to slow down and pause during this pandemic, we need to care more about the equality of all living things, we have to stick together, because we only have this one earth.

It’s time to act!!!

We have to finally wake up! It will soon be too late to enact counter-measures against irreversible climate damage. Climate programs that work in 30 years are too late. The whole world has to stand together now, or we lose our home.

The Corona Virus

We belong together and music connects us across all countries. For me it has always been exciting to hear how music styles have mixed and evolved, I have created an album that I would like to share with you.

Unfortunately, it is a kind of illicit art…

Why is music that connects illegal? Read more…